FingerPrints is a creatively stimulating club for children aged 3 to 8 years old. We believe that each child's maximum imaginative potential should be explored and expressed beyond the mind and imagination.


At the holiday club sessions, we aim to motivate and encourage children to mark their creativity and imagination through varieties of activities. At Fingerprints, children discover, create, accomplish!


We strongly believe that hands-on activities helps children develop pride and confidence in their skills and abilities, as they get involved in all aspects of healthy food preparation by using only child safety tools.Our arts and crafts sessions are more than just fun activities, rather aims to motivate and encourage each creation developed by the children's feeling, thinking and coordination.


Chef Bethany an American Pastry Chef is currently a head of pastry chef at a bakery in London, she grew up loving to cook with her mom and grandparents, which laid the foundation of her passion of healthy and delicious recipes.Chef Bethany really enjoys working with little ones and she hopes they have as much fun learning about food as mush as she has!

Fine Dining and Michelin Star background Chef Giovanni, an Italian native Chef will be joining us to provide our little chefs with fun fine dining cooking style during the cooking classes, the classes aimed to teach our little chefs how healthy food can be TASTY. Chef Giovanni's MUST is to provide high standard of food and hygiene during the classes.Chef Giovanni is looking forward to share his delicious recipes with our little Chefs!


This holiday club is run by Sandy, a mother of a 4-year-old daughter, whom inspired and motivated her mom to establish FingerPrints, that aims to build confidence, imagination, and creativity with every child.


Our team has gained a lot of experience in working with children, with a strong

regard for health & safety, all certified and approved by Ofsted.

Sparking creative learning!  

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